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Magali & Raffael

Friday to Sunday,

Sep. 01-03, 2023

Villa Emden

Ascona, Switzerland

Our Wedding Weekend

Friday, Sep.01, to Sunday, Sep. 03, 2023

We are delighted to invite you to the celebration of our marriage

Our family and friends have always been there for us, watching our relationship grow and flourish. Therefore, we want you, special people, by our side when we say “I Do.” 

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Saturday, Sep. 02, 4 p.m. Villa Emden,
Isole di Brissago, Ascona, Switzerland

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Evening Party

Saturday, Sep. 02, 7 p.m. Villa Emden,
Isole di Brissago, Ascona, Switzerland

Our Story

Our Story

We met while having a nightcap in an underground club in one of the 'more interesting' streets of Zurich: Langstrasse.


We talked, laughed, and danced endlessly. 

Shortly after our first encounter
we came up with a crazy idea:

"Why not travel Africa for 2 months together?"

And so we did, end Jan 2019 we left for Africa: 
... where we got lost in the 'bush' and encountered - not so happy - male elephants and their families
... where we had fun to drive through the mud to get stuck by sundown and be 'laughed' at by hyenas 

... where Magali squeezed Raffael's hand so hard (later again during birth) as she heard lions roaring at night

... and finally, where we decided that, after living in a tent on top of a land cruiser for a month, it was time to move in together back in Zurich

From then on we never stopped being busy: 

... 0,5 years later we our first dog, Zora

... 1 year later we got engaged 

... 2 years later we got 2nd dog, Anouschka

... 3 years later we got pregnant 

... 3,5 years later James -Gustav was born

... 4 years later, we are ready to tie the knot!


Getting to Ascona

By Car

Drive 1.5 hours from Milan

Drive 2.5 hours from Zurich 

Drive 5.5 hours from Geneva

By Flight

We recommend flying into Milan,
and renting a car (1.5 hours by car),
or Zurich Airport (2.5 hours by car)

Once You're There

Experience the sites, shops and restaurants in the area, and join us for some fun activities!

Where to Stay

Hotels and B&Bs to check out

Come early & join us for some fun!

As we are making our Wedding a bit of a holiday, we plan to do some fun activities in the days leading up to our Big Day! Of course, we understand if you only come later or have your own plans, but in case you do come earlier and want to spent some time together, check out our plan!

Villa Emden 2.jpeg


We already have everything, though if you want to gift us something, we'd would love for you to make a contribution to our Honeyfund! 

Magali & Raffael Fiechter-Deloof

Zurich, Switzerland

IBAN: CH11 0830 7000 4442 3930 8


We hope to see you!

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